Team member six

Edo Babić

Ekspertiza: Senior Manager for IT Security EU/EMEA at Teva Pharmaceuticals. Cybersec Professional. Instructor. President of the Board, (ISC)2 Adriatic Chapter.

Iz perspektive:

If you are considering a career in cybersecurity, I will provide you with a few compelling reasons to encourage you to do so. My name is ​Edo Babić and I am an IT Engineer by profession. I have been working in the dynamic and ever-​changing information technology (IT) domain for almost 30 years. Hence “​changing” – this is how my interests widened and this is how I learned a lot on the way. 

But this is also how cybersecurity became a part of my career, and a part of my life.

Originally branching from IT world, cybersecurity, as it is today, touches almost all aspects of our daily lives. Not only it plays an essential role in safeguarding our online safety, but also the safety of systems which are fundamental for our daily lives – electricity, transportation, financial institutions, health institutions, education institutions.

So, finally, why do I work in cybersecurity, and why should you?

  1. Be a part of a fast-paced, challenging, exciting field. 
    • And ​NEVER​ bored – I assure you.
  2. More (much more!) job opportunities.
    • It is the fastest growing field, and the high demand for qualified professionals is not slowing down for years now.
  3. Better financial compensation
    • Average salary for cybersecurity job beats the average private sector job by 50%
  4. C​hoose the industry you want to work in.
    • As a cybersecurity expert, you can pretty much choose your industry – whether we are talking about financial institutions, automotive industry, education, government, … you name it.