Team member six

Andrea Zengo

Ekspertiza: Global CISO, Transcom; Board member of ISACA Hungarian Chapter and (ISC)2 Hungarian Chapter

Iz perspektive:

When I was at the age of 13, I have seen a TV spot about „Programming in BASIC” on the local TV at Hungary. That was the time when I decided and changed my original concept being an electrical engineer to being a programmer. My family was shocked but accepted and supported my decision. And I never regret it. I started as a computer programmer at the Hungarian Railways. During the years I had several challenges and changes in my job, and somewhere in 2005 I fell in love with IT security. Now I am a global CISO, responsible for information security protection in my company across the globe. Only one thing never changed: I am continuously learning. Cannot stop it. I found my dream profession that is also a hobby for me. I advise you the following: Always follow your dreams. Be an IT professional if you feel it inside that this is the field for you. Never believe anyone who says this profession is not for you. It is your dream. Let it be your path.”